Ten Essential Oils

Equanimity. Marjoram originates from the Greek word ‘orosganos’ which means ‘joy of the mountain.’ The essential oil can be used to calm obsessive thinking and to allay feelings of longing and loneliness. You’ll find it helps you confront difficult situations calmly; it also aids concentration and improves memory. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Success. In many cultures, Bay represents the noble virtues of power, wisdom, and victory. Bay was popular with the ancient Egyptians and the Romans as a symbol of protection and peace. In Ancient Greece, the priestesses at Delphi breathed burning bay fumes to increase their visions. Its sweet, spicy fragrance has a sedative and warming effect. When you’re feeling fragile or fearful, use Bay to give you confidence and stamina. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Encouragement. Rosewood has an overall balancing effect on your emotions. Use it when feeling low, weary, and over-burdened with problems: it will lift your spirits. It helps to cure headaches and works as an antiseptic. Distilled from the heart of the tree itself, the oil’s stimulating and warming qualities can also be used as an aphrodisiac. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Elation. Mysterious, enigmatic, and intoxicating, Clary Sage offers a long-lasting inner tranquility, nourishes your soul, and is also one of the most powerful and sensual relaxants. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Pleasure. Valued for its medicinal properties by the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese, Clove Bud has a long history as an antiseptic and prevention of infectious diseases, as well as being used as a vital ingredient in spicy perfumes and love potions. Use it to awaken, inspire, motivate, and create. Its strong, spicy aroma will ward off nervousness and mental fatigue. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Strength. Black Pepper is one of the most popular spices in the world. It has a warming and strengthening effect on your nerves and mind, gives you stamina in times of frustration, and it kindles your heart. If you’re feeling weak, use black pepper to stimulate vigor and self-confidence and your own natural defenses. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Immortality. Myrtle was a favorite tree in the ancient Islamic gardens of paradise. A symbol of love, immortality, and peace, the Greeks and Romans honored poets with myrtle. This happy, freedom-loving plant dispels feelings of anger and envy. You can use it also to break destructive habits. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Radiance. Wild Orange dispels gloomy thoughts and depression. Long held to be a symbol of both innocence and fertility, it is a favorite among children and at weddings. It is an oil of sunshine and summer, and instills lightheartedness, warmth, and happiness. Use it for when you take things too seriously and forget to laugh. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Tree of Life. The heady, exotic scent of the Frangipani – also known as Plumeria – restores inner peace and harmony. It is known as the Tree of Life in India, because a branch cut from the tree will continue to blossom, representing the soul’s infinite connection to the divine. Use this heavenly fragrance to honor the sacred in friendships. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

Happiness. A single breath of the sweet aroma of Jasmine can lift you from despair or depression into a realm of calm optimism, self-confidence, and joy. Native to Persia and Kashmir, yasmin means “Gift from God.” In Sufi poetry, jasmine was used a symbol of love and spiritual longing. Ruled by Isis, the goddess of the moon, jasmine can help you become aware of your hidden passions and desires. Heaven Falls Essential Oils

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